Online Arabic Grammar Course

Are you already learning the Arabic Language but struggling with the composition and formation of sentences? You need an Arabic Grammar Course.
Grammar is the heart of any language. In simple terms, it’s the systematic structure of relationships between words in a sentence or paragraph; it’s the building block that creates our ability to communicate through English.
At Quran Paradise, we offer a unique Online Arabic Grammar Course that helps you speak and write Arabic eloquently without committing mistakes.

Why Arabic Grammar is Important?

Unlike other languages, Arabic Grammar is not just a set of rules, but the key to opening the doors to the most beautiful literature and culture in history ever existed. It shows the diversity and layers of the Arabic language and its ability to sum up, the multiple meanings in a single phrase. And above all that, it is the language in which the Book Allah has revealed. Quran has such deep thoughts and gems that can only be discovered with the help of Arabic Grammar

Advantages of Learning Arabic Grammar

If you want to become an expert in a certain language, then grammar is the essential thing to learn. Learning grammar is like learning a recipe before cooking; when you don’t know the recipe, you can ruin the food similarly; without learning grammar, you can’t speak or write Arabic eloquently.
As Arabic is a very diverse language and can completely change the meaning with a slight change in the sentence, learning grammar enables you to understand the context and message of the phrase and save you from making weird blunders.
Other than Quran, most of the Arabic books and literature are available without Aerab, which makes it difficult even to pronounce or forget about understanding it; Arabic Grammar helps you in understand the Arabic text without Aerab and to read and understand it without making mistakes 

Is Online Arabic Grammar Course Only for Beginners?

People with good command of Arabic speaking or native Arabs can also lack when it comes to the fine details of Grammar; for this reason, Arabic grammar is taught in the schools. Given this situation, this course is not designed for non-native Arabs only, but it’s equally helpful for anyone who lacks Arabic Grammar.

Why Arabic Grammar is unique?

Arabic Grammar is unique from the rules and grammar of other languages. Arabic grammar consists of two sections: As As-Surf and An-Nahw; the first deals with the formation and pronunciation of a single word, and the second deals with the sentence and the actual pronunciation of words when put in the sentence.
The micro details of As-Surf and An-Nahw show us how well-structured Arabic Grammar is and how powerful it is for delivering impactful speeches with fewer words than any other language on earth.

وَلَقَدْ يَسَّرْنَا الْقُرْآنَ لِلذِّكْرِ فَهَلْ مِن مُّدَّكِرٍ 

[Soorah al-Qamar (54):22]


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