What the parents of our students says:

Great teacher, very patient you never feel like you are asking too much questions ( had that experience with other). He always has time for you and is very soft spoken. He’s also very focused during your lesson on you


Hany has been working with me for over a year. Our lessons has been focused on reading Quran fluently. He accommodates my needs of going either faster or slower at a given lesson but always giving feedback on the verses that I need more practice with. Hany is a kind, honest and soft spoken teacher. You will not regret meeting him.


Hany is full of patience and kindness. He is humble, does not ask for much, and sincerely wants you to succeed. His skills at teaching the Arabic and Quranic language are highly advanced. His recitation of the Holy Quran is clear and very soothing. His professionalism makes you confident, and his methods make learning interesting and easy to follow. Learning tajweed with Hany has been satisfying and spiritually uplifting.


When Allah swt said he would make reciting Quran easy for the believers he was probably talking about Hany. Charging $7 per hour is almost free lessons. Hany is focused and absolutely serious about teaching Quran. He isn’t the best at English, but I wouldn’t trade him because it’s like the difference between authentic tacos and Taco Bell.


Great teacher ponctual, knowledgeable and patient.


Hany has helped my children with my quran lessons a lot. He is fluent in english which really helps and will try his hardest to excel his students in quran and arabic. The best tutor I’ve ever had!!


I would rate Hany A. 5 stars! He helped my children improve in their mechanics of the Arabic language profoundly. Through multiple sessions, not only have they improved in their speaking capability, but also their understanding, comprehending, and learning through multiple study materials, exercises and online resources. Through this active one-on-one learning, we will continue using this teacher in the near future. If you’re looking to learn Arabic, I would HIGHLY recommend to hire Hany A., no matter what your proficiency level of Arabic.


I’ve been learning Arabic with Hany for couple months 2-3 times a week. Arabic was very difficult for me in the beginning. Thanks to Hany’s help I made big progress. First I started to say short phrases. Now at times we can speak the whole lesson about different things in Arabic! It is extremely rewarding and motivating to see this progress. I am continuing my regular classes.


A very smart and well organized tutor, with a lot of empathy for beginners. Somebody who is ready to take his time for the client until you understand it. Looking forward for the next lessons. Full recommendation from my side. You want regret it 😉 شكرا مرة أخرى


Hany is the perfect teacher! I’m taking lessons with him from 2 months and I’m really happy with him. When I started I didn’t know anything about Arabic language (I was only able to recognise some letters), but in 2 months I have enought vocabulary and I even start to make little sentences! I feel more and more confident with my pronunciation, thanks to him. He knows how to make you pronounce in the right way, and he evens records audios of the lessons to allow me to listen them several times. But I think he isn’t only a generous and attentive teacher, he is a great person because he really cares about your interests and try every time to motivate you. !شكرا هاني


Excellent Teacher- Highly professional, attentive, very encouraging and patient – He is certainly a master of the Quran and Tajweed teaching so I am picking up the skills very quickly. His teaching style is agreeable which make the learning process motivating and yet challenging to push you to do your best! I fully recommend Hany.