The Best Free Quran Classes Online

Would you like to learn how to read the Quran? What about learning Arabic for the first time? Maybe you’re just looking for a new hobby. Perhaps you’ll find your way in these free Quran classes online! These schools offer their services for free and teach from various locations worldwide through a video platform.

Introduction to Quran

The Quran is one of the essential books in Islam. Muslims believe that the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ over 23 years. The Quran contains 114 chapters, a compilation of God’s revelations. Muslims consider the Quran the final revelation from God and study it to learn more about their religion. There are many free online Quran classes available that can help you learn more about this holy book.

Types of Free Quran Classes

There are different types of Free Quran classes that you can take to learn more about the Quran. You can find traditional lessons, lectures, or interactive workshops involving discussion and work with texts. Whether you prefer a more hands-on approach or would like to study in an immersive environment, there is a class for you.

Some popular online Quranic classes include The Quran Class by Quran Paradise, Basic Arabic Course, and Online Quran Classes for Kids. In addition, many mosques offer free weekly Quranic classes during prayer times.

Free Quran Courses Online

Many free Quran courses online can help you learn the holy book better. Some of these courses are offered by universities, and private organizations provide some. Here are some of the best free Quran classes online: 

1) Some Institutes offer free online courses for the Quran. These courses are designed for beginners and cover topics e,g: as the Introduction to Quran, how to read and understand Quran, and how to pray with it. These courses are available in different languages.

2) Some other websites offer a free seven-week course on reading and understanding the Quran. This course is for people without prior experience with Islam or the Quran. The system includes video lectures, readings from different text parts, discussion questions, and exercises.

3) Al-Azhar University offers a free 10-week online course on reading and studying the Quran. This course has two parts: a beginner’s guide to understanding the Qur’an (covering topics such as its structure, meaning, translation, etc.) and an advanced study of specific verses from the Qur’an (i.e., commentary). The course is available in Arabic only now, but it will be available in other languages soon.

4) Multiple YouTube channels have designed detailed and short courses for the students of the Quran; these courses are equally beneficial for beginners and advanced students.


Muslims worldwide eagerly search for free Quran classes online to learn more about Islam. If you’re looking for an easy way to learn Quran, check out one of the many Quran courses available on the internet. These courses provide a comprehensive overview of Islamic doctrine and can help you better understand what it means to be a Muslim.

At Quran Paradise, you will get the chance to learn Quran with the best Quran Teachers. You can take admission in Rules of reading Quran, Online Arabic Grammar course and much more.

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