How to Learn Quran Online

learn Quran online

In the age of science and technology, everything has reached a new level, and so has education. Education is one of those things that has been affected by technology to the core. 

Islamic education is not so different; Muslims worldwide also adopted the new norms and moved toward digital education. Many online institutes have been established that provide Online Quran Learning Courses.

What is Quran?

Quran is the last Book revealed by Allah for the guidance of humanity, and its final authority and supreme law will be the day of judgment.

Can We Learn Quran Online?

Yes, many Muslims have been learning Quran and Tajweed online for years and have been successful.

How to Learn Quran Online?

There are multiple ways of learning the Quran Online:

Online Quran Institute

Online Quran institutes and academies are the most important and effective medium to learn Quran online. They are also trustable, and the greatest benefits of these academies are that they are interactive and two-way sessions online with free videos available on YouTube or other platforms.

Free Quran Learning Courses

There are some courses available on the internet to learn Quran online where multiple videos are available that teach Quran from the beginning to the end. But these videos are not interactive, so there can sometimes be difficulties in clearing the concept or validating the practice.

Free Apps for Online Quran Learning

Multiple mobiles and computer applications teach the recitation of the Quran. But as we discussed above, these applications can only provide the maximum result if they have two-way sessions and an instructor with them; otherwise, these applications can be difficult for beginners in Quran at some point.

Benefits of Learning Quran Online

Online learning has multiple benefits, some of them as follows:


You can learn Quran online in your home’s comfortable environment, which can boost your confidence and prevent hesitation.


You can choose the timing of your ease. It’s not necessary to follow the time of the institute in online classes; instead, you can select the timing according to your availability.


Revision becomes very easy in online learning as you can record the session and revise it straight with the teacher or instructor, and you won’t forget or miss the lesson’s core points.

Quran Paradise

Quran Paradise is an online Quran academy that provides the opportunity to explore and learn Quran with the world’s best Quran Teachers qualified from Al-Azhar University.

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