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Noorani Qaida is the most taught booklet in the Muslim Lands. The Muslim communities may be aware of this booklet. We will talk about Lesson 1 of Noorani Qaida.

What is Noorani Qaida?

Noorani Qaida is a small booklet containing basic lessons to learn reading the Arabic language. It starts by recognizing the letters, correctly pronouncing each letter in Arabic dialect, and reading the whole paragraph.

Why Learn Noorani Qaida?

Every Muslim must learn at least the basics of Arabic so they can recite the Quran in daily prayers and outside the prayer to get the blessings of Allah. That’s why it is important to start learning basic reading skills for the Arabic language.

Why is It so Popular?

This booklet is so famous in the Muslim lands because it has been the most successful way and method to learn the language, and it helped in producing millions of reciters of the Quran, and a large number of them are Scholars today.

Noorani Qaida Lesson 1 Journey

The first lesson of the Qaida is the fascinating things a Muslim can experience in life. It is the first ever interaction with Arabic, and from there, the journey with the Glorious Quran starts, enabling us to explore the most beautiful message in the world that can change our lives overnight.

What Noorani Qaida Lesson 1 Talks About

The first lesson of the Qaida is “The Alphabest” which talks about the identification of each Arabic letter and how to distinguish between them. It is the most basic language if anyone wants to learn it. Without Noorani Qaida lesson, no one can survive in Arabic.

noorani qaida lesson 1

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